Pallet Location Management.

Designed for use with 'Goods Out' departments, our pallet location and tracking system maps out your warehouse in an easy to understand interface.

Operatives can see at a glance available locations or quickly locate inventory when required.

iPad isometric

An overview wherever you are.

With a browser-based, responsive design you can be anywhere and still have a full overview of inventory and pallets moving around your warehouse.

Print off stock location reports or manually override your pallet(s) if required using our Management interface.

Asset Tagging & Management.

Your own personal portal for you and your staff to securely access, amend and track your full inventory from anywhere with an internet connection.

View at a glance all the data/assets you have captured and quickly search, filter and sort to show relevant inventory items.

Invoice reconciliation, choose location, enter invoice numbers.

Auditing & Reporting.

Dynamically query your data on the fly to create bespoke reports of your choosing. Then export to all popular file types such as Microsoft Excel, PDF or CSV.

Drill deep down into your data to get a better overview of assets that may require attention or have appeared in an undesired location.